To belt, or not to belt? That is the question.

To belt, or not to belt? That is the question. Whereas once upon a time it was de riguer to wear a lifting belt from the moment you stepped into a gym until you hit the lockerroom after training, these days we don’t make such generalizations.

Lifting belts can be of great value to anyone who a) has lower back issues os b) is lifting very heavy. However the majority of people don’t really need a belt when training. Belts do provide a distinct disadvantage for the average trainer in that they lessen the need for strong lower back muscles, But acting as a sort of brace, the lower back isn’t called upon to support your body, thereby resulting in a weakening of the muscles.

So lifting belts, like all tools, have their place and time. But a typical gym-goer has no more need to wear a lifting belt all the time than a carpenter would to keep a hammer in hand at all times. As with the carpenter, “The right tool for the right job” is a motto that will serve you well.