Make a point of walking whenever you can.

Make a point of walking whenever you can. We’ve gotten to a point in our lives where we almost instinctively look for the path of least resistance. When we go the the mall we would rather wait in our cars for minutes on end for a close spot rather than take one a few hundred feet further away. When faced with the choice of an elevator and stairs we opt for the mechanical means of travel, even if it’s just one flight. We’ll get in our car to go to the grocery store around the corner, when a 5-minute walk would suffice.

I want you to become conscious of all the times you would normally choose the lazy man’s (or woman’s) path and do the opposite. Purposely take a far spot at the mall and gift yourself with a five-minute walk. Take the stairs, even when the floor we need to reach requires elevated breathing. Leave the car keys home next time you need to make a trip within a mile of your house.

Being active throughout your day – not just when working out – is the key to maintaining good health and a healthy body weight.