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Do all of those ab machines I see on late nught TV really work? It seems like every week there’s a new one on the market. I would like to get something to help work my abs at home, but I don’t know if I should believe the pitchmen and women, or just stick with sit-ups.

Half a lifetime ago, when I was one of the only manufacturers of exercise equipment, some accused me of being overzealous in bringing new products to the market. Ill tell you though, I didn’t come close to the onslaught of new fitness devices we see flooding the market today.

There are literally dozens of ab training accessories available today, from straps to rollers to sliders and benches. The truth is, most of them do work, to varying degrees. You see, it’s not that hard to stimulate the abdominal region. Any time you bend or twist your body in any direction your abdominals are coming into play. So anything that causes you to do this will work your abs.

 The bigger question then is, do you need them? After all, you can get a very good workout doing crunches on your floor, twists with a broomstick and bicycle kicks for the lower abdominals. For some the ease and comfort provided by equipment makes them more likely to exercise in which case they’re a good thing. For many others though, the purchase is just a way to convince themselves that they’re doing something good. Then the equipment sits in a closet until it ends up in a yard sale.

What’s most important is that you commit yourself exercising regularly, ab exerciser or not.