Mr. Olympia Report, 1970


Excerpted from the December 1971 edition of Muscle Builder

From left to right: Reg Lewis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Sergio Oliva

“Ladies and gentlemen,” said the genial Bud Parker, as he presented the final and most celebrated contest of the evening. “Here in New York tonight we have the three top contestants for the Olympia crown. Firstly, from California the one and only Reg Lewis.”

Reg strolled on – the famous warm smile – the deep tan. He has a really proportionate body with no outstanding or detracting body parts. Although not built on the massive lines of Schwarzenegger or Oliva he nevertheless has a most pleasing posing presentation and was not without his admirers in the audience. He has a sort of body that I have always wanted to possess. He looked great!

“Next,” said Parker, gesturing towards the wings … “is Arnold Schwarzenegger.” The crowd went mad. I thought the Town Hall would crumble to the ground. Arnold thundered through his routine quickly as though it were just a formality and then parted leaving the rostrum bare and the audience spellbound.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Now we present the current Mr. Olympia, Sergio Oliva,” announced Bud. At the mere sound of his name the New York crowd went mad. Long seconds passed until finally Sergio appeared. Incredibly, bigger than ever. He threw all the old favorites and we all cheered his fabulous presentation …

Sergio Oliva

But we all knew what we wanted most! We had tasted the excitement last year. Our appetites had been duly whetted. Now we were ready for the full three course meal. We await the famed “OLYMPIA POSEDOWN.”

Lewis and Schwarzenegger mount the specially arranged long rostrum together and there’s a little pause until Sergio appears to complete the trio. All three contestants are as psyched up as much as any field and track athlete before his event. More so. Arnold is so “ready to go” that he signals Sergio to shoot into any pose. “Try what you like,” he seems to say, “I’ll duplicate any pose you do Sergio … and I’ll shoot you down in flames.”

Sergio does does a front pose and Arnold goes into a front most muscular. Both look fantastic. The crowd roar approval. Oliva goes into a three quarter back shot and Arnold twists quickly to follow suit. We now realize that Arnold is a little denser and the more defined of the two. Gone are the underpar legs that may have contributed to his defeat a year earlier. Now he is flawless. Sergio is shot down. Arnold realises the fact and takes quick advantage. He races into every pose that Sergio does and betters it. Oliva kneels, twists his back with his arms above his head, his favorite. Arnold can’t follow that!

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sergio Oliva

But he quickly counters with a fabulous chest pose that upstages Sergio’s kneeling Masterpiece. Both men turn their backs to the audience so that we can compare “V” shapes. Sergio has the greatest taper. But Arnold has the most bulk and muscular massiveness. They turn together and Arnold throws his arms out to the side proudly as though he is standing astride the world. He shoots a double biceps and the New York crowd starts to chant … “Arnold – Arnold – Arnold“.

Oliva leaves the rostrum and Schwarzenegger waves him back, challenging his sportsmanship … Sergio climbs back. He won’t be accused of “chickening out!” in any competition.

The posedown begins all over again – Lewis, Schwarzenegger and Oliva. But the fact that it’s Arnold’s day is now clearer than ever. Gritting teeth, straining muscle, swelling veins, stretching, twisting, flexing. “Arnold – Arnold – Arnold,” the crowd continues and we all know it officially when at the completion of the posedown Bud Parker announces the winner, “Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Joe Weider congratulating the new 1970 Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger